Hey Everyone to celebrate my milestone of 25 posts I am doing a giveaway for one lucky winner to win all.



So how do you win this I hear you ask?

Well here are THE RULES!!

  • This is for UK only (sorry anyone outside)
  • Answer this question-What is that one item of clothing that you could just not live without and why? Leave it in a comment below and your blog address
  • Opens Sunday 19th June, closing date is Sunday 26th June
  • Winner will be picked by me to who has the best answer


So what do you win?





Compact mirror and makeup case from my summer handbag essentials post if you missed this one click below-




That must have item this summer. Get peoples heads turning with this super cool nude pair. They really go with so much so you will have lots of fun with them.


Pixie Lott hair paint

How much fun would you have with these? If your off to a festival this will definitely add to your look or if your just wanting to brighten your day and add something extra to your look then these really are for you. It does say can be used on black, brown and red hair too so everyone can have fun 🙂

For more festival inspired ideas check my post on the link below-



Strawberry Sponge

Who doesn’t want to add some fun to their bathroom? This strawberry sponge is up for the  job if you want it!


Cute Cards

Four cute cards to add inspiration to your day and they come with envelopes too. They are perfect for framing to add some extra character to your home.


Mua Lipstick

Mua Lipstick in colour Persian Rose it really makes your lips pop. Have fun this summer showing off your pout!


4 way nail block

File, buff, polish and shine get those nails looking fine.


So there you have it all the prizes up for grabs.


Have fun Everyone

And Good Luck 🙂




What Have I brought this week!

buysthis week.jpg

Hey Everyone!

So I have been spending again but hey how else is a girl suppose to get through her day? I wanted to show you all what I have brought in the last week. From Tops to skirts to accessories I have had a pretty good time. I cannot wait to start putting pieces together and showing you some great outfit of the day Ideas.


I was really enjoying myself looking through the ASOS sale which is currently still on so you must get on there quickly.


I got two great bargains, a lovely midi dress and midi skirt.



This was £15 I love the stripes and colours on this skirt and it is so summery, I just LOVE IT! I can’t wait to play around with this, dress this up and down take me from day to night it really is that special piece I will want to wear time and time again.



This midi dress was £18 I love the mesh look on it. From the picture I thought it would have quite thin material but was really surprised how thick it was and how well made it is. I think I will rock this one with some ankle boots.

images_1 images_1images_1

So like most weeks I take myself into Primark as they always have some great new additions and I am really pleased with what I walked out with.



Now who doesn’t like anything denim? When I saw this it was definitely a must have for me. It was only £12 so no way was I leaving this behind. I am really into pencil skirts and I had already tried a denim pencil on in New Look the day before but it was just not flattering at all, this one has beaten all of them by far. I will most likely be rocking this bad boy with a pair of ankle cowboy boots.


Like My maxi skirt post  (please see below)


And with the midi skirts I have brought this week I really love to finish them off perfectly and these waist belts costing me together £7 from Primark are definitely the ones for the job. Just try for yourself how much better your skirt will become with one of these round your waist.



The black top here is from Primark for £6 I really wanted a crop with a collar to go with my midi skirts and I fell in love with this one.

The white top with the Laces is from Select, I found it in the sale for £6 and thought ‘well why not’! It was the laces that drew me to it and I just know I will have lots of fun with this.

Now whilst I was in Select I came across this beautie-




I Love Polka dots and this scallop dress was such a great find. Like the picture above I already starting playing around with looks in the dressing room adding it with a jacket. I know this baby is going to get worn lots.


So on my way to the till in Select I came across this lovely long pendant so this was quickly added to my pile. £5 so a really great price I didn’t want to not take this home. They are really great to make a plain tee come alive or on a jumper dress, the options are endless. I think everyone needs to own this type of jewellery.


So last up going back to my love for all things denim I spotted this in the 25% off rack in New look. For ages I couldn’t find one which didn’t seem to have buttons down the front and when I saw this I had to snap it up quickly.


I recently saw a picture of Selena Gomez in a denim skirt with the bottom cut open and when I saw this one which I paid £13.50 for it was perfect if I wanted to get scissor happy.




So I hope you enjoyed my buys this week, I know I will have lots of fun pairing them with lots of different items and cannot wait to show you what I have come up with.

So have you had a good spend up this week?

Did any of these catch your eye?

Please comment below.



Miracle In A Bottle!


Hey Everyone, Happy Sunday 🙂

I needed to do this post as I wanted to share with you all a great product I have been using and if your a blonde this maybe just the thing you are looking for.

When you have your hair bleached, no matter how great your hair condition is in, you will always get some dry ends, and if you are like me and go dark and then just have to get back to blonde again you will know how much of a challenge that can be.

All those days using oil treatments aswell on the hair ready to tackle the next bleaching stage will probably not go I am sad to say. I don’t want to say to you all just use this and you won’t have to do anything else, but this little Miracle in a bottle,which I would like to call it really does make a difference, Well it did for me anyway.

So let me introduce REDKEN EXREME CAT


I don’t know if any of you have ever used this range, but the first thing I have to tell you is it smells amazing, not so much on the CAT but the shampoo and conditioner are heavenly.

I first came across this a few years back when I was working as a junior in a hair salon. I had dyed my hair dark brown and went back blonde a few weeks later so my hair was feeling and looking quite bad. I was introduced to Extreme products and have never looked back since. The Cat was and still is my all time favourite treatment and I could really notice a difference from the first use. It is a easy product to apply and has now become part of my hair washing routine.

After shampooing my hair I dry off some of the water using a towel and then I apply CAT which is just a spray on. I then wash my body and this gives it that little extra time on your hair to work its magic. I rinse then apply my conditioner and wa-lah it’s all done. My hair feels stronger, doesn’t look as dry and just feels amazing.


So what's this bottle about-



Where to buy-

Some Salons who stock Redken products may have this for you to buy, but if not you can find this on the internet. All Beauty is a great site to use, click on the link below to take you straight there.


You can also get from the Redken website



I love this stuff and it has really helped me be blonde again.

So have you tried this? What are your views on it?

I would love to hear from you



Outfit of the day!

oufitofthe day.jpg

Hey Everyone it’s that time again for my outfit of the day. I am loving a pleated maxi skirt at the moment and now the sun is finally out I cant wait to show this off.


I got this maxi skirt in Primark for £12,(how great is that price I hear you say?) I paired it here with a short sleeve jumper and lace-up heeled sandals. Chucked in a fabulous black handbag to complete the look.






Now when I do my outfit of the day posts I always love to show you other ideas. This post of course is centred around the maxi skirt so heres are some other ways to change up your look.

My fave so far-


I swapped the black short sleeve jumper for a white sweater and the lace sandals for pointy heels. What do you think?






That cool casual look


So I wanted to still stick with the colour theme here and I went for a black tight tee, put on black belt and some strappy heels….Perfect!






Why not add a jacket. Who doesn’t love denim?



The ideas are endless with this look so you will have lots of fun playing around with different items. I really hope you enjoyed my ideas today 🙂

Are you loving a pleated maxi skirt too? What would you wear with yours?

Please comment below would love to hear your thoughts.


Are You wearing the right size bra?


I thought I was, for years actually, I just thought they were these uncomfortable things we had to put up with or it was probably more down to the fact that they were this one item of clothing I didn’t really splurge out on, (they do say you get what you pay for). My thing was well it’s only really my husband that sees them and to be honest he would prefer them off haha so why spend a lot when can use that money towards a pretty top for more eyes to see. Well who would have known that I was totally wrong about my theories and it was actually down to not wearing the right size.

I don’t even know how that didn’t even enter my head, I mean to me they are so small just the two peas on a wash board as my brother use to say, Thanks bro! so they couldn’t possibly be needing to fill a bigger cup.

I do remember my first bra I had moved on from the vest looking crop tops and had said to my mum that I need a bra as all the other girls at school have them. No one wants to be embarrassed when it comes to PE and trust me we had some right arseholes at our school. So mum gave me one of hers and that was it I was set 34A and ready to take on the world haha To me they never got any bigger so I just carried on and for years I kept on buying the same size.


For ages now I kept saying to my husband does my boobs look weird in this top?, this bra really feels uncomfortable, maybe they are going out of shape in the wash?, HELLO YOUR WEARING THE WRONG SIZE DUMBASS!! Well it was really only the other day when I was at work and my friend and I was so bored, I don’t even know how we even got onto the subject but she told me that she had a bra fitting before and she had been wearing the wrong size bra, (hello friend you know who you are!) I had never had one before, well obviously and hadn’t even thought to do this, I mean someone staring at my boobies(the horror), could I really be so wrong? She had said how different it had made her tops look how they lifted her up, so I thought well I need to get me some of this, so that lunch time I went in to Marks and Spencer’s, unfortunately they were unable to do it there and then as you had to book a time slot, but it was going to be free so this was even more appealing.

You can click on the link below and it will take you to the M&S website so you can book a time slot at your local store. Trust me it’s worth it!


So Sunday morning off I went to my local Marks and Spencer’s and on the way my husband and I were trying to guess what I size I was going to be. The lady was lovely and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all, they actually measure you over the bra your wearing which I was supprised at. She said the cups are more guess work and would bring me bras in to try, she said she would bring a 34B and C, I thought haha C no way!


I can not believe and still can not believe that I came out a 34C haha I had been way off. I didn’t think I would notice a different and still thought they are the type of thing that will still feel abit uncomfortable but I was so wrong, they feel amazing and my t-shirts look 100 times better. I am so glad I took the Plunge(bra) and did it.


This picture below are tell tell signs that your wearing the wrong size and It was something I should have looked out for. For me though all I could see was that the cup wasn’t sat back enough like in number 2.


If you don’t want to go to a store and have a bra measurement, you can do it yourself at home there are a few guides online you can follow. Below is one I found 🙂



Well happy Bra checking everyone.

I really hope this post was helpful.

Have any of you got similar stories or have you had them checked and were wrong too?  Feel free to message below.




Outfit Of The Day!


Happy 1st June everyone! It’s time for my outfit of the day 🙂

Like I’ve mentioned before I am really into that easy going outfit, easy chuck together pieces and one you know you can say Yeh! I look good.

I really love sweatshirts and joggers and especially when it’s that time of the month when you just want to feel all cosy and comfortable. This one is def on my list of faves and will be added to my ‘Go To’ rail.






IMG_0348 686834_main

Sweatshirt- River Island £25


Joggers - Select £12

I got these joggers last year from select so not sure if they have ones like this anymore, but I have found some cool ones on Prettylittlething.com below.



Shoes - Topshop £22









Hope you all enjoyed my outfit of the day, I know I really love wearing it. Let me know what you guys think, have you a easy go to outfit?

Feel free to comment below



Dress Like GiGi!


So the other day I was looking through some google images and came across this one of Gigi and thought it would be great to recreate her look and show you how you can do it too.

I will show you where you can buy similar pieces so you can be your very own Gigi Hadid.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

So shop the look at Topshop for £83

I found this body for £16. Sticking to Gigi’s grey theme this would be a great alternative. I love the sides on this one they give it a real edgy feel.



These boyfriend jeans for £45 are perfect for the job, they may not have so many tears as Gigi’s pair but they still rocking. Why not have ago yourself though, you can find some excellent tutorials on Pinterest on how you can tear up your own jeans.


And to finish the look-


These cute little sandals for £22 are ideal for finishing off the look. Topshop have lots of different styles at the moment so your have a few to choose from. I came across these beauties today on my shopping trip so this is what I would have gone for.

images_1 images_1images_1

I wanted to shop this look on a budget so of course Primark was definitely going to come up trumps for this.

Shop Primark from £26.99



When I came across this body for £6 I thought YES! this is the one it has the same type of zip design on the front.

They really do have some excellent body’s in store at the moment, these ones I found above are only £8 and they really are such fun to give you that extra character.



How great are these boyfriend jeans for £14.99? another great pick I should say to really dress the Gigi look.

Finish off with these thong sandals from £6. Fabulous 🙂


Ok! Lets take this online. I chose one of my favourites Boohoo.com

Shop this look for £46


I wanted to find a plunge neck body like Gigi’s and I found this stunning one on Boohoo for £6. Buy this now by clicking on the link below.



These boyfriend jeans are £25 and probably the closest match I have seen today. So why not add these to your basket.



These suede babies were £15 and great to finish my online look.

Want to buy? click the link below.



When I saw this look I fell in love, I am all for an easy going cool looking outfit and for me this one ticked all the boxes.

I think about us cold folk in England and thought a Bomber Jacket would finish the look perfectly. Almost every store has them right now and they are bringing out some real good designs. This one below from boohoo would be awesome…. I LOVE IT!!





So have you a favourite celebrity that you want to copy?

Let me know who your wanting to be.

Please comment below.



Step Inside My Wardrobe

Hi Everyone, as most of you know I love clothes and I like to buy a lot of them, so of course I am going to need a lot of space where I can keep them. Its funny most people when they move home have have their check list on things like is this size lounge going to be suitable, will our sofa fit in here, or is this kitchen big enough to fulfil my baking needs, well not me, top of our moving list is does this place have enough room to hold all my clothes?

I have been very lucky and my wonderful husband agreed that we should have a walk in wardrobe and I wanted to share it with you all. Take you through some of my favourite pieces I have collected over the years, Ok who am I kidding most was brought on one big shopping haul hehe.

So First up what does this wonderful wardrobe look like, to me its my happy place where sometimes I just like to go and sit and just stare at all the pretty things. To some it may just look like nothing and they may say ‘I don’t know what the fuss is about’ but I love it and that’s all that matters.

So around the room we go 🙂



I love to have all my favourite what I call ‘expensive pieces’ in one place and these shelf units from Ikea called Kallax where made for the job. The small one was only £20 and the taller one £39 so really good prices.



Now this small one in the corner is my husbands I suppose he can have something hehe


This footstool did come as part of our sofa set but I thought it was much more ideal for the wardrobe. I got some stick on diamond hearts to make it more pretty.


When u buy from designers they have such lovely gift bags and boxes which are way too nice to throw away so I love to display them around the room and give it that extra I love fashion vibe.


I have this print displayed as it really couldn’t be more correct and I love to add that extra character to a room.  You can download this exact print for free if you go one of my earlier posts ‘Pretty Prints’




This was my very first Louis Vuitton purchases The Neverful bag in the monogram print. It was one of the best days ever. If you head to ‘My Loves’ section on my blog it tells you all about my first visit to Louis Vuitton and how magical it was.


This bag, the Speedy 30 in the Damier Azur Canvas was brought for me by my husband for my 30th birthday. It just had to be this one because of the name, so a very appropriate for this special occasion. They do a Speedy 35 too so I cant wait to reach that mile stone.


These little bags called mini pochette clip inside each bag and I had to buy them when I got each one of my bags. I love to use them to put my make up bits in.



I love the Louis Vuitton purses they are so lovely and smell fantastic(the leather is yummy)  This purse was brought for my birthday last year. I always love a trip to London on my birthday and I am going again this year so look out for a future blog about my London Fun:)



Now I couldn’t leave the store without one of there silk headscarfs which they call Bandeau, they are of course perfect tied round your head and they also look fabulous tied to your bag.


Now my Kate Spade Collection is one of my Favourites and one I will want to keep adding to. They have such fun colours and really nice designs. If you not that familiar with Kate spade check out the website below.




These were my first two bags from Kate Spade and I brought them from the store in Covent Garden. The store is so fun and bright it is not one to miss out on. The darker pink which I have forgotten the name to now is a clutch bag and I love to take this out in the evenings. If Im wearing a black dress I love to have a pop of colour and this one is perfect. The little pink bag which I love to hang on my wrist is a called a Cedar Street Maise and is my all time favourite out of the collection. I just love to have bright bags in for the summer months.


Now this baby I got in the sale last year. Im not sure of the name of this bag I was too busy adding it to the shopping basket to notice. You have to watch out for the sales they are amazing, I think one is due soon in June, you really will go crazy!


Now I don’t think I have ever moved so fast on calling my husbands phone than I have when I stumbled across this beaut in TK MAXX this year. There I was just floating through the store on my lunch break minding my own business when a little lime bag was calling me from the shelf. ‘How could I leave this behind’ £79.99 Hello? So it came home with me and made me a very happy girl.


Now a new brand I have discovered called Folli Follie, which I came across after seeing Mollie King from The Saturdays pictured with some great bags was something I knew I had to go check out for myself. They have a lovely Folli Follie store in London’s Regent Street and it is where I purchased this awesome bag. I was only looking at the tote as it was so roomy and perfect for my shopping trips, when a lady came and said you get the over shoulder bag with it aswell. Again how can I say no?






Christian Louboutin is one of my all time Loves. His shoes for me are out of this world, the colours the details and of course the  iconic red soles that are adored by so many celebs are right here in my very room. I cannot believe how lucky I am.

I believe every girl should own that ‘Go To’ shoe and you need a pair that is going to last you, so trust me it’s ok to spend more than what you normally would to get that all time perfect heel. These are going to last me a life time.. I know it!

My very first pair I owned was the gorgeous nude pair called New Simple Pump, this colour I love as it goes with so much. They were brought from the Selfridges Store in London and it was a day I’d never forget.

My next pair was the Miss Tack Booty this is the most expensive Item I own. They fit like a glove and they are just beautiful.

My latest purchase of Loubies was the black pointy heels named Decollette still not worn I might add as I am holding out for that real special occasion for the first break in. After that they definitely will become my all important ‘Go To’ heel.



Now I guess you can already gather I love shoes and of course designers, so I was not going to be missing Jimmy Choo off the list. I love trainers they are my most worn shoe. I found this awesome pair called Miami online and it was just the trainer upgrade I needed and so it had to be in my footwear collection.

Now of course England being England theres always a lot of rain so when I discovered they had these super cool welly boots I knew I had to had to have them. They are amazing to get me through those awful wet days.




OH CHANEL- is never wrong. To complete my collection so far I had to own a pair of chanels, It has been a dream of mine and I am still hoping one day I will have one of their fabulous bags too. The reason why I went for the Flats was because I had gone for Louboutin heels and I wanted that special pair of flats that were going to last me. Ballerina Flats should be owned by all they are that brilliant day shoe for doing your daily tasks in.


So I hope you enjoyed my collection? Have you a great collection too that you want to share?

Who are your favourite designers, do you have your own closet too, let me know I would love to hear from you.

comment below 🙂









Midi Week Outfit!


So as its mid week my outfit piece of the day  had to be the Midi Skirt, very appropriate I should say. This is one of my all time favourite skirts. You can dress it up or down and they come in such lovely colours and designs.



For that easy day casual outfit pair with trainers and a tee. The skirt seen here is from Forever 21 and it only cost me £14.99, which is such a great price. I stayed within the colour theme and opted for a black and white tee, again this one was from Forever 21 costing £8.00. The trainers from Vans for £47 were a perfect addition and finished off the look perfectly.


When I am sticking to a colour theme especially black I love to throw something bright into the mix and this bag from Kate Spade for £268.00 was just the item for the job. Slap on some Pink lipstick to match and your good to go.


So many tees to change up your look
Swap those Trainers for 
some cute little heels


Im loving these lace up heels at the moment and they go so well with this skirt and really thin your legs in at the bottom. The ones here are from Primark for £14.99. I have seen New Look do some really similar ones at the moment too for about £27.99



Add a statement piece to the outfit





I love a chunky necklace to add that extra something to an outfit. Keep it plain up top so all focus goes to your statement piece. Unfortunatly I cannot remember where I got this necklace from but there are so many great ones around right now that you won’t be disappointed.


Out of my collection of Midi Skirts this has to be my all time favourite, after seeing Mollie King from The Saturdays in a very similar one from Oasis I just had to get it. I couldn’t believe it when I stumbled across this beaut in Select. It was a couple of years ago now and it cost me £14.99 which was a lot cheaper than the Oasis one. This skirt has seen me well through each year and it still fabulous and I am sure it will get me through many more.


Due to the lace design I have kept it simple up top with a black tee you can pick up these basic plain tees in Primark for £3.00.


These shoes are from Office that I got last year. I think I paid around £60 for them. I think they look lovely with this look.

Rock into the night


Change that top for a little crop to take you out in the evening.



Pair with ankle boots to get you ‘Evening Ready’ I got these boots from Faith for £40 and to me they made this look.



I love a colourful midi and this skirt up next is gorgeous for the summer months ahead.

I found this skirt last year in Select and fell in love with it. It only cost me £10 as was in the sale and I just couldn’t leave it behind. It has a lovely feel to it due to the silky like material and I just love wearing something bright when the sun is shining.


Like before keep it simple on your top half as there is a lot going on with this skirt with all the colours and patterns. You don’t want to look too busy and all eyes need to be drawn below.


I love playing round with different heels and the ones below are great for this outfit. These little kitten heels from Karen Millen cost me around £80 as they were in the sale about 2 years ago. I really liking the little strap across the front.


You know I love a crop and they are that perfect match for any midi. This little white number is perfect.


And finish the look with-


These little pink babies really give it that ultimate girlie look. I picked these up from Dorothy Perkins for £22 a year ago.

Now sticking to that cute look why not turn it up a notch and bring out the princess in you. This skirt below one below really does it for me.




How can you possibly go wrong with a spotty tutu 🙂


Finish off the look with some nice heels, the ones here I got off eBay for about £10.

So are you Midi crazy like me?  What are wearing yours with?

let me know, comment below